Immersive Lighting and Composition for VR, AR & MR

Easily and seamlessly blend digital content with 360° videos

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Mixed Reality framework for lighting and composition

Realistic Light Detection and Estimation

DreamFlux automatically analyzes any 360° video and detects lighting conditions, applying accurate ambient and directional lights, reflections and shadows in real time.

Blend Digital Content into 360° videos

DreamFlux materials and shaders allow digital objects to be placed into 360° videos, seamlessly blending the synthetic and real worlds together for an immersive interactive experience.

Automatic. Adaptive. Real time

Our Light Estimation runs in real time, adapting to the lighting conditions as the video changes. No manual setup required. DreamFlux does all the heavy lifting - just add your video and hit play.

Easy UE4 Project Integration

DreamFlux works seamlessly within Unreal Engine 4, and can be added to your project at any time. Using DreamFlux is as easy as drag & dropping components into your scene. Fine tune visual settings and optimize for performance with our easy-to-use interface.

Take VR Storytelling to the Next Level

Case Study - Wrestler

DreamFlux worked with production company Wrestler to deliver an immersive VR adventure for Singapore Airlines & Wellington International Airport. Using DreamFlux, Wrestler was able to blend digital objects and interactions with 360 videos shot from all around the world.